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April 16, 2004



great review. love the detail.

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I haven't seen the Kill Bill Vol 2 yet, because the Vol 1 was a bit too bloody for me. SInce you said that in the Vol 2 there is less blood, I will probably watch it soon. Thanks for this good review!

chris franklin


Quentin Tarantino has hard-on for Uma Thurman and like Citizen Kane he gives this love-interest what she needs in life (a part to play even if nobody gives a shit). Of course, if I had the cash, I'd do the same with maybe Famke Jannsen or Giselle Bunchen.

Chris from L.A.


Qentin Tarantino is brilliant. He paid attention to detail in both Kill Bill vol 1 and 2 movies. No one could have played the part of the bride better than Uma.

finnish director

Good review but it seems like the reviewer focused too much on the intertextuality found in Kill Bill. Sure, there's a lot of homages and stuff but if you focus on them too much you miss the whole ingeniousity of the film! Kill Bill is certainly not just a bunch of recreations from the past decades.

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What Tarantino seems to be doing here is less reapplying and reinventing those parts of movies and shows that he loved best, and more aiming toward a systematic approximation and reproduction of exactly those movies and shows.

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Yay!! They look awesome. I love how you framed them up. I'll have to do some on paper.

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Incidentally it was on the door side and I was standing right by the door. It took good 5 minutes before we managed to shift bodies enough for doors to open. A lot of fun!


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Definitel, Kill Bill is a movie history classic. I have heard that they are planning to film a third part. I hope that don't spoil the saga with that.

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yes, Quentin Tarantino is awesome, I love all his movies, and for me Kill Bill 1 and 2, are simply magnificent. Also, the episode he made in C.S.I Las Vegas was so shocking, but incredible

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Lauryn Purtee

I think Tarantino was not really planning on making Kill Bill a serious film. Rather, it was simply a tribute to all his favorites. If you watch closely, Kill Bill contains numerous tributes to pop culture. From The Bride's yellow jumpsuit that was taken from Bruce Lee's Game of Death to Gogo Yubari's character taken from Japanese exploitation films. Films like this are cinematic gems, as Tarantino's unapologetic style grabs everyone by the jugular.

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I haven't watched Kill Bill Vol 2 yet, but I've heard it is absolutey fantastic, and honestly I have not doubts about it, cux Vol 1 was astounding.

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