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February 11, 2004


Barney Martin

I will be going to see the movie the week it comes out - more to know whether I should picket or firebomb the theaters in which it is showing than out of any religious motive (though, If I were forced to "believe" anything at all about the alleged event and the source-documents for the movie, I would choose to believe that the selection process which included those four gospels in the canon and excluded the Apocrypha should be examined - why were those books chosen? How interesting that none were written until many years, even decades, after the events they recount, none were written in the language that the main characters and his disciples spoke, and none were written anywhere near the city where the event occurred.).

Most of what I've read about this movie reflects the point of view of what can best be charitably described as 'believers' - in which company there are some decidedly strange fish sharing the same bed. Believe me when I say that their proximity in the theater will be a source of discomfort, the prospect of listening to a story in two antique languages will not entirely dispel.

I also keenly look forward to seeing your comments, after you have seen this movie, and digested what may well prove to be indigestible.



passion of the christ is the best movie ever
i think it should be the movie everyone should watch without complaining


its crazy on how he did that for us and he could of stopped it but he didnt cause he obeyed god and i think ppl should just listen and pay attention on wut mel and god are trying to say and that its going to be the time when jesus comes back and he will take all the christians up to heaven or the Rapture like i cant wait
luv you all sises and bros of christ

luv haily

Will Smith

"Of course, it's pretty clear now that the real Jesus almost certainly did not look like that, but rather was darker-skinned and more rough-hewn, so to speak, in his features. He was not the cream-colored, fragile, long-haired hippy lookalike we've been fed over the ages " ...
Just wanted to know how you came up with this... your imagination I think, or do you happen to have a recent photo of Jesus, and if you do...I gotta see it.
Don't even TRY to justify an answer, and don't speculate on matters that happened a very long time ago. Look at the movie from a movie makers stand point, the movie is meant to entertain and inform... pick on the Godzilla movies...for Christ's sake.


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