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February 24, 2004


Tim Lavin

I totally agree -- what a great write up on my favorite character ever, in any film.

Maybe you know the answer to this; what does the Butcher mean when he says, "Bene" at the onset of the brawl in the opening scene?



fabulous film with great talent.
his character proves how his method acting pays of.
a truly talented actor
one of a kind
rock on daniel


Great commentary....Bene is old speak for "good" or "fine" By the way ...the "because you are neither cold nor hot " line from Bill is actually a bible quote, which I think makes his character even more complex...

Mariz Sobrepena

Daniel day Lewis , really is a great actor .... Superb..
what are his next films .. please make a new film . I missed seeing you act.


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one of my favorite characters throughout history and mystery surrounding this mythical character, different stages and his dark looks and whether and how he lives that fill much of interest.

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I think that movie Gans of New York has a great story and the actors are very good I like so much this blog thanks for share this information

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amazing movie, love it!!!
Marlon Brando was a great actor, is a shame he died!
but theres so great movies like this one

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I haven't watched the movie. but It has good critics. I might watch it this weekend if it is available on netflix.

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