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January 31, 2004


Barney Martin

Haven't bothered to go see any part of the LOTR trilogy yet (found the book stupifying enough), but I am pleased to see that not everybody is worshipfully humbled by its majesty. Will probably go see it, as I'm easily suckered in by special effects (anyone remember 'Event Horizon'? Great special effs, but was there a plot?).

Do have to disagree about the Star Wars series, though... several characters were two dimensional (Princess Pastry Earmuffs, Bigfoot second mate, Furby natives, etc.), and little of the saga appealed beyond a level of pandering to the sense of wonder of the formerly religious.

I really want to make it known that the last examplar of the SW genre (attack of the clones) was the absolute worst movie I have ever sat through. It was bad. It was badder than bad. It added a new dimension to bad. Lordy what a bad awful bad stinker.
What could have been the best seen of the movie, which would have given a point and a cohesiveness to the effort expended, was ruined entirely by the "heroes", who were tied to pillars and about to be ripped to bloody shreds by great ferocious beasts, getting saved at the last moment.

I have never been so disappointed.


Bill Schipper

I can't agree more with your analysis of LOTR. I saw the first one, and was deeply embarrassed at the kind of dialogue we were being asked to take seriously. And so I've refused to see the rest. I'd rather reread the books for the 20th time, and use my own imaginatino.

John Campea

Wow. I just can't imagine a senario where I could disagree with you more about Return of the King. In my opinion the best film ever put on screen (yes, it even beat out The Godfather and Life is Beautiful for me).

A summary of why feel this is can be found at:

But like I always say. The most beautiful thing about film is the pure subjectivity of it. Keep watching. I like your site.

Amber Wood

LOTR is the best film ever screened, I have read the books and it is the only film that has captured the imagination of Tolkein. They spent a lot of money to capture that and I congratulate Peter Jackson. Every actor was perfectly picked and they loved doing it. As for the dialogue I personally think that it is beautiful and makes the film, there is some lovely language, I havent heard a single line that is wrong. Why do people have to think that they are wonderful just because they don't like it? Everything from the actors to the director, the sets to the costumes and the music to the dialogue is perfect and I would like to say "well done" to Peter Jackson for giving us all this wonderul piece of work!


Haven't heard a single line that was wrong? In what sense? Do you mean wrong, as in if Gandalf had said 'I used my time machine to save myself from the Balrog'? If so, then yes there certainly aren't any 'wrong' lines but there are plenty of superfluous, tacky and poorly delivered ones.
The dissenters who don't like this movie don't think that they're 'wonderful' because they don't like these movies, they just take offence at the claim that this is somehow the 'the best film ever screened'; which is a grave insult to all the true greats.
I agree entirely with Mr. Chazelle's review, although you will find that I am much less charitable when it comes to evaluating the supposed good-points that these films are meant to possess.


Lord of The Rings...Best movie ever made


I find myself agreeing with Mr Campea up there-although Return of the King did win the Best Picture oscar, and consider it a wonderful chapter in american cinema, the wonderful thing about this medium is that it can be completely subjective. One person may find it a deeply moving piece of art, and another may find it (although i think this is a gross mis-statement) a "big-budget B picture." everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and i say bravo to you for not giving in to the mindless hero worship of this film. It's right to say that some people are mindlessly lauding LOTR as a cinematic milestone just because everyone else is. Way to stand by your opinion.



Boracay Hotel Rooms

I have read and seen the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Be it in the movie or in the book its still is number one.

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I have always been a huge fan of the movie since it was first shown on the big screen.

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